Ocean Jet - three musicians from Kostroma who perform a mix of rock, electronics and grunge in English. Their debut EP the band released in 2013 and at once won the attention of users of social networks.

The creation of the group is difficult to attribute to a certain genre. The peculiarity of each track is an unusual and penetrating vocals, interesting and thoughtful arrangements. Although fans have defined the style of the Ocean Jet as indie / electronic.

The first full-length album was released only in 2015 and is called "Vengeance". At the same time, the band begins to actively perform with solo concerts and participates in various festivals, including VK-Fest, Lenovo Vibe Fest, Stereoleto, Moscow Music Week and others.

In 2016, autobiographical EP "The World Never Dropped" comes out and becomes a new stage in the group's work. The music of Ocean Jet became the soundtrack of the short film "The Hijacker" directed by Maxim Kulagin, who later acquainted the musicians with the actor Alexander Petrov and in the biography of the group begins the chapter # DONE.

The band Ocean Jet is the musical heart of a dramatic show, during one and a half hours they introduce spectators into trance with their music. Together with the author's production of Sasha Petrova, the musicians performed at the leading club venues in Russia, won 5,000 spectators from the Moscow Crocus City Hall and became the first English-speaking group at the festival "NARRIA". The theater audience is also familiar with the work of young musicians, once a month the Ocean Jet goes on the stage of the Yermolova Theater in Moscow.

In late 2017, "Ocean" presented a full-length release of "Glowing Black" and are preparing for a large-scale tour with an updated light show.

Ocean Jet:
Max Scotch - vocals, keys, guitar, music.
Jon Myred - bass, keys, texts.
Nikolai Dementiev - the drums.