The Niciton has a lot of fans in Mongolia, their concerts are full of halls, and their songs have repeatedly reached the top charts on Mongolian radio stations.

The group is the recipient of the awards of the Mongolian Academy "Pentatonic", the "Voice of Asia" contest in Kazakhstan, performed in Switzerland, China and other countries. Niciton actively participates in charity concerts, and their song "Khyhad Buruugui" ("Children are innocent") became the anthem of the world initiative "Stop Violence Against Children".

Niciton has been on the stage for more than twenty years. The collective was created in 1990, until 1998 the group was actively engaged in musical activity. From 1998 to 2005, taking a break, she temporarily suspended the speeches. Since 2005 until today continues to perform and touring, slightly updating the image and sound. The soloist of the group B. Batchuluun wrote music to many songs from the repertoire of Niciton, and those compositions to which he wrote the lyrics became real hits. Batchuluun also writes music for films. His work can be heard in the feature film "Tyutu".

Keyboard B.Chinbat, in addition to participating in the group, writes music for cinema and theater, handles folk and classical works, and also collaborates with symphony orchestra and choreographic collectives.

The solo guitarist D. Ulziy-Orshikh also works in composition and execution of the music of cinema, and bass player Ts. Tzotbayar is known in Mongolia as a talented saxophonist.