Rock musician, writer, public figure Vyacheslav Butusov will perform the songs of the legendary band Nautilus Pompilius at the X festival "Voice of Nomads".

An architect by education, he realized that his real vocation is music. At the peak of popularity, he dismissed the group Nautilus Pompilius, loved by millions, and assembled a new team the "U-Peter". Last year the musician together with pianist Ekaterina Mechetina prepared a concert-play called "Awakened Joy", based on the same title from Butusov's book "Archia".

- I personally perceive what I'm doing as a service. In any action there must be some sense, otherwise everything happens for nothing. I did not come up with anything new: everything that is broadcast in my songs is a long-known thing, that I'm just beginning to master, - the musician said in an interview.